Why Googabox!?


With so many e-commerce sites out there you have to wonder what sets GOOGABOX! apart from the rest. Do not fall for the hype of sites promising bids of one dollar as a start...for sellers that's a nightmare as you will be obligated to sell your quality product far under wholesale should a high bid be one, two or ten dollars. Sellers would not be able to make it up with the next product either as bidders on these sites only look for a "GIVEAWAY"...Buyers will dwindle out eventually as more bidders would bid. Those not getting a "steal" would simply cancel their bid and try again. No-one is RATED on these sites either, so you don't know who is bidding on your product. The concept is not logical.

It is far better to be on a multi-product platform such as GOOGABOX! taking offers and bids that is worth your while as a seller. Our platform also promotes IMPULSE BUYING...Someone shops for something and then sees something else on the site they like and buys it. That second "something" could be your product/ item, and when traffic runs in the thousands and millions it makes sense to have a Store or have your item listed on GOOGABOX!. It also takes the worry out of you maintaining your own website. You will find time wise and cost wise it PAYS to be on the GOOGABOX! platform instead off attempting to run your own website with platforms such as "Spotify", "Webix" and "Squarespace".

Your item WILL also sell better in a professionally presented environment. The platform is the "dressing" of your product/ item and a great "dressing" makes your product well presented.

Further..sites such as "Wix", "Shopify" and "Squarespace" does not promote you or offer a chance of a impulse buyer. They simply charge too much "rent" and "hosting" fees for just a website. You still would have to promote your site. Unlike the  rest, GOOGABOX! realizes the dilemma faced by vendors and private sellers. Vendors are simply drowning in sites such as Amazon and Ebay as well, and most never get to stick their heads out to be seen.

Amazon and Ebay promotes mostly the more successful vendors rather than helping the rest of the vendors to also be seen and heard. We here at GOOGABOX! will never allow a monopoly and will promote and push more unsuccessful vendors to have a chance at becoming successful. We offer ads site wide very inexpensively and will even barter those *FREE to vendors proving to us they offer their goods for less on GOOGABOX!. We will never allow monopolizing of ad space by anyone. We will also promote small vendors selling great products alongside of us on social media, television and everywhere else we advertise.

GOOGABOX! also charges less fees than the competition and we offer FREE stores to beginners. FREE rent is also granted for any paid for store, for those months where you sell less than [one thousand dollars] $1000.00. GROSS. We will only take commissions of 3%. We do this to keep you in business and not deplete your finances. We will help wherever we can to keep the small vendor in business, and us helping you will help lowering prices to the buyer.

We also implement ANTI-SNIPING that can be chosen by a vendor as active or non-active. See ANTI SNIPING

SAFETY is another reason to purchase or place your item for sale here on GOOGABOX!. Unlike "Craig's List" that has proven UNSAFE and downright DANGEROUS, GOOGABOX! offers a safe environment as long as you follow our protocols....

see GOOGABOX! Terms Of Use