GOOGABOX! recommends PAYPAL.

The reason is SECURITY and GUARANTEE that your payment is on record.

Buyers do NOT need to open a PAYPLA account in order to make payments through them. You would simply pay through PAYPAL with your credit or debit VISA/ MASTERCARD/ DISCOVER or AMERICAN EXPRESS. PAYPAL will send you a statement of your payment made. When your funds go through PAYPAL the monies can be disputed through PAYPAL and they will retrieve your payment from the bank that they made the payment to. Should you make payment with your VISA, MASTERCARD or American Express you could also dispute the charges with them in the event you have not received your item/s. Paying offline is also not recommended as there is no record of your payment on the GOOGABOX! site other than your Credit Card report which makes it more difficult for GOOGABOX! to arbitrate your dispute.

Some folks did indeed have problems with PAYPAL in the past due to fraudulent individuals, however those problems have been dealt with.   

Sending monies via Western Union or MoneyGram or any of these types of gateways are NOT recommended. 



Paypal is a SAFE gateway for payment but as usual there are those that engage in FRAUD. Here are things to remember about PAYPAL:

1. NEVER click on any link that someone claiming to be PAYPAL sends you in an email.

2. ALWAYS check with PAYPAL first to see if they sent you the email by simply calling them by phone or emailing them. The phone # is also on their site. (Always make sure you are on the actual PAYPAL site that says "" with NO additional extensions to the ".com" part)

3. PAYPAL will never ask you for secure information via any email such as your account name and pass word.

These type fraudulent activities happens everywhere. Fraudulent entities also may claim to be your bank and they always make their emails look very legit by using logo's and lingo your bank uses on their site. Always be vigilant by contacting your bank or PAYPAL directly to make sure they sent you the email. Nevertheless, NO bank NOR PAYPAL will ever ask you to send them personal or secure information via email.

Any questions regarding Payment Gateways will be addressed by Contacting GOOGABOX with any questions.

We wish you prosperity.

Thank You,