Vendors/ Sellers have multiple choices of PAYMENT GATEWAYS for their operation. Gateways are also supplied for International Operation.

GOOGABOX is set up to these gateways to accommodate Vendors/ Sellers in an ultimate fashion to ensure smooth payment transactions..

For all (USA) Vendors/ Sellers, PAYPAL MUST be one of the gateway options in addition to any other gateways Vendors/ Sellers choose to use. ALL (USA) Vendors/ Sellers MUST open account with "PAYPAL" regardless of other payment gateways used.

(International Vendors/ Seller MUST use an equivalent to "PAYPAL")

This is done to ensure additional legitimacy check of Vendors/ Sellers as phone and bank account verification is required by "PAYPAL" and is widely used in the (USA)

Vendors/ Sellers choose payment gateways PER PRODUCT/ ITEM placed by clicking on the relevant options when product/ item is placed for sale.

Buyers do not need to have a "PAYPAL" account however can make "PAYPAL"

payments to Vendors / Sellers by simply using a debit/ credit card of the type that

"PAYPAL" accepts. The "PAYPAL" gateway can be utilized by buyers for payment WITHOUT opening a "PAYPAL" account.


Paypal is a SAFE gateway for payment but as usual there are those that engage in FRAUD. Here are things to remember about PAYPAL:

1. NEVER click on any link that someone claiming to be PAYPAL sends you in an email. 

2. ALWAYS check with PAYPAL first to see if they sent you the email by simply calling them by phone or emailing them. The phone # is also on their site.

3. PAYPAL will never ask you for secure information via any email such as your account name and password. 

These type fraudulent activities happens everywhere. Fraudulent entities also may claim to be your bank and they always make their emails look very legit by using logo's and lingo your bank uses on their site. Always be vigilant by contacting your bank or PAYPAL directly to make sure they sent you the email. Nevertheless, NO bank or PAYPAL will ever ask you to send them personal or secure information via email.   

Any questions regarding Payment Gateways will be addressed by Contacting GOOGABOX with any questions.

We wish you prosperity. 

Thank You,