You can open a STORE within GOOGABOX.COM and be a store owner, selling anything you like, however there are articles/ services/ items NOT permitted to be sold on GOOGABOX, such as pornography/ animals/ prescription or illegal drugs of any kind or any UNLAWFUL items or information. You can post videos and pictures of your items and accept OFFERS if you like. You can also place your items up for bidding or outright purchase. You do not have to open a store if you simply would like to sell items using our bidding system. Simply join us as a member and start selling without opening a store. Have others bid on your item if you wish or simply sell it outright. 

If you plan to sell consistently and have many products to sell, we recommend opening your own store. You can promote your store and have better control over your operations AND you can build yourself a following and great reputation. When you place a product in your store, the item can ALSO be bid upon as well as sold outright, your choice. Selling in your store as well as the site your item is seen more thus better chances of selling is possible.

Once the item is pursued by a buyer they will have the option to see more of your items in your store. The system works much like EBAY however our FEES are VERY competitive. We also have "Anti-Sniping" as an option. Join for FREE, get $50.00 towards rental cost and item placings then after you have the choice to continue and will be charged a Rental Fee. GOOGABOX will also earn Commissions from the offset  on your item's final sales price. In any month you sell less than $1000.00 you will not be charged a store fee for those months, only commissions. You can pay direct or we will invoice you. We use PAYPAL for your convenience. You do not have to have a PAYPAL account to make a payment through them. Simply use your Debit or Credit card. GOOGABOX is working diligently to create traffic for our vendors, so as to maximize YOUR success.

Contact us with any questions you may have. We will assist you all the way!

GOOGABOX is a name to be reckoned with in the near future so get in today and set up your store or simply list your items up for bidding/ offers or outright purchase.

We wish you success!