How do I upload a logo for my store?

After you have logged in, click on "My Googabox" which is in the top browser area of the site next to the "welcome" tab. Once there click on "Edit Store Settings" in your personal Store browser. There under the "Store set up" area you can load up a logo or banner DIRECTLY into your "Store Description" area by clicking on the "Insert Image" icon and scroll down to where you load up a logo.  PLEASE NOTE: In the "Store Description" area your logo can only be inserted from an internet placing. To do this CREATE a logo, then create your store without loading a logo and save. Place your first product and load up your logo as part of the images for your first item placed. Then simply go to 'view your listing, find the logo image and right click on it to get to "copy". Once copied, go back to your store and then under "store description" find the "Insert Image" icon. Click on it and PASTE the image URL in there. This will place the image in your store description.

Creating a listing

Do take note that items listed in your STORE also have the "BIDDING" feature, as well as the "BUY NOW" and "MAKE OFFER" feature. The item will still be listed under your STORE NAME as well should you choose "Both" when placing the item. When listing a CAR, MOTOR CYCLE, RV etc. follow our description example here:

To make it easy when listing multiple cars simply create your new listing from a previous listing you have created, that way your DESCRIPTION is already set up as parameters and you can simply edit it. To do this go to your "Selling" tab in the ""My Googabox"  area under your personal Store browser, go to the listing you'd like to create a similar listing from and click the icon in that listing that says "create similar listing" You will see this by simply hovering your mouse over the icons".

How do I edit my product content?

After you logged in simply click on "My Googabox"

which is in the top browser area of the site next to the "welcome" tab. There you

click on "Edit or Add Listings" in your personal Store browser. Simply hover your mouse over the different icons next to the product you wish to edit and you will find the EDITING icon. Click that and proceed. It will not be possible to edit items that bidding has started on. If you want to change something about the item ie: price feature or delete it, simply contact the current bidders and give them an option to opt out, or simply delete the item, and place it again with the changes you made. Do remember reputation of your store and you is a key issue to your success, so always communicate with buyers/ bidders.

How do I activate a PAYMENT type for my store?

After you signed in click "My Googabox" which is in the top browser area of the site next to the "welcome" tab. There you click "My Account" and then on the left hand side click on "Account Settings" . There you can enter the details of the payment system you choose to use. Next, go to your item listing (if already listed) or list a new item by clicking "Edit or add Listings" in your store browser. You will find the various checkboxes for Payment type under "Payment Methods" as you scroll down in the "Item Listing" section . Check the appropriate box and SAVE.

Please see our FAQ's page for questions on our services. If you have a specific need for help that is not covered in this section or the FAQ section, contact us Soon GOOGABOX will employ "Live!" help for Vendors who are having trouble with their postings.

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