I cant create account because of RECAPTCHA!

If this happens on the GOOGABOX site it will happen on other sites as well where you try to create an account. This happens because you get a message that says: "RECAPTCHA code incorrect". The reason is most likely because you can not SEE the RECAPTCHA CODE. Most likely you are using IE and if you are, you should go to INTERNET OPTIONS which is located under the TOOLS ICON on the top right hand side of your browser. Once in the INTERNET OPTIONS BOX simply click on ADVANCED OPTIONS then click "Restore Advance Settings" as well as the "RESET" button underneath it. Make sure you click "APPLY" at the bottom before closing the box. Now try again to create your account. You should see the RECAPTCHA CODE. Make sure you enter the code correctly. Should the problem continue CONTACT US for further assistance. Please provide the following:

1. Your Name

2. Email address

3. Phone Number

4. DOB. 

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If you are in another country and would like to use the calculator for shipping first change the destination country in the right hand TOP of the site where you see "English" as the default. If your country is not listed that's fine, simply purchase by checking out with the "FREE" SHIPPING" option provided and then contact the seller with the question of "how much to ship to (your country) which would probably be free depending on location. Give the seller a bit of time to respond. When paying in your currency via PAYPAL or any of the other payment gateways provided, the gateway will automatically convert the currency for you upon payment.  

The site is running slow

Googabox is on a Dedicated Server. Dedicated Servers are fast and you should have no problem navigating the platform seamlessly, however "slow" could be attributed to many factors. It also depends on your internet service as well as your PC/ Phone. Below is some reliable sources for download and steps to keep a clean PC. We can not however be held liable for downloading any 3rd party software or these informative steps outlined below.

1. Download  "Eusing Free Registry Cleaner" and scan your PC and clean (Not for Windows 10)

2. Next, Open your "Disk Cleanup" Utility in Windows by simply typing "Disk Cleanup" in your Windows search bar in the bottom tray of your PC. Run the disk cleaner twice. Once the utility opens click "OK" on the bottom and click "Delete Files" when prompted. Make sure all the boxes are checked. Once the utility closes, open it up again, only this time click on "Clean Up System Files". and allow the utility to calculate. Once prompted to "delete" go ahead and delete, and make sure all the boxes are checked. 

3. Download a virus cleaner such as "Spybot Search and Destroy" and run it. This is to detect and destroy malware that may be present on your PC. also EMPLOY YOUR ACITVE virus protection software and scan your PC. You may also download an official "Malicious Tool" from Microsoft to scan and clean your PC.

How do I upload a logo for my store?

After you have logged in, click on "My Googabox" which is in the top left browser area of the site underneath the "hi xxxx" tab. Once in YOUR GOOGABOX click on "Seller Store" in your personal account browser (yellow area). There under the "Seller Store" area you can click on "Store Setup" to the left and load up a logo or banner DIRECTLY from your PC by clicking on the "Insert Image" icon. PLEASE NOTE: In the "Store Description" area any images can only be inserted from an internet placing. To do this CREATE an image or use an existing image, then after placing your first product you can save the image as part of the images for your first item you placed by uploading it to the product placing's page along with the other images. After saving the placing simply go to 'view your listing, find the image in that listing by scrolling through the images you loaded up. Click on the image to select it and once selected right click on it to get to "copy". Click "copy". Once copied, go back to your store and then under "store description" find the "Insert Image" icon. Click on it and PASTE the image URL in there. This will place the image in your store description. See example here:

Creating a listing

Do take note that items listed in your STORE also have the "BIDDING" feature, as well as the "BUY NOW" and "MAKE OFFER" feature. The item will still be listed under your STORE NAME as well should you choose "Both" when placing the item. When listing a CAR, MOTOR CYCLE, RV etc. follow our description example here:

To make it easy when listing multiple cars simply create your new listing from a previous listing you have created, that way your DESCRIPTION is already set up as parameters and you can simply edit it. To do this go to your "Selling" tab in the ""My Googabox"  area under your personal Store browser, go to the listing you'd like to create a similar listing from and click the icon in that listing that says "create similar listing" You will see this by simply hovering your mouse over the icons".

How do I edit my product content?

After you logged in simply click on "My Googabox" which in the top browser area of the site next to the "hi xxx" tab. There you click on "Edit or Add Listings" in your personal Store browser. Simply hover your mouse over the different icons on the right hand side next to the product you wish to edit and you will find the EDITING icon. Click that and proceed. It will not be possible to edit items that bidding has started on. If you want to change something about the item ie: price feature or delete it, simply delete the item if it can not be edited and list it again with the changes you made. Do remember the reputation of your store and yourself is a key issue to your success, so always communicate with buyers/ bidders. Ending a bid prematurely when active bidders are bidding is not advised. Such repeated action may cause your account to be suspended.

How do I activate a PAYMENT type for my store?

After you signed in click "My Googabox" which is in the top browser area of the site next to the "hi xxx" tab. There you click "My Account" and then on the left hand side click on "Account Settings" . There you can enter your PAYPAL info where you will receive payment. You may also enter your bank account info and routing numbers should you want direct payment. Do remember site rules require you to have a PAYPAL account regardless as one option for payment. Next, go to your item listing (if already listed) or list a new item by clicking "Edit or add Listings" in your store browser. You will find the various checkboxes for Payment type under "Payment Methods" as you scroll down in the "Item Listing" section . Check the appropriate box and SAVE.

Please see our FAQ's page for questions on our services. If you have a specific need for help that is not covered in this section or the FAQ section, contact us Soon GOOGABOX will employ "Live!" help for Vendors who are having trouble with their postings.

We will tend to your question promptly.

Thank You.