Become Accredited

Sellers/ Vendors can request ACCREDITATION once they have received 95% POSITIVE reviews and sold 25 products/ items at minimum.

Being ACCREDITED will receive more TRUST from buyers. Accredited Sellers/ Vendors will sell more than those who are not.

Sellers/ Vendors SHOULD strive to become ACCREDITED on the GOOGABOX site. This would prove better success.

When a Seller/ Vendor has reached 25 sales with a 95% positive rating the Seller/ Vendor can simply put in a request to GOOGABOX for ACCREDITATION. GOOGABOX will take the request in consideration and after GOOGABOX has established satisfactorily that ACCREDITATION is justified, will add the Seller/ Vendor to the ACCREDITATION LIST.

A Seller/ Vendor will recieve an "ACCREDITED BADGE" on their store page and added to a "list" of Accredited Sellers/ Vendors. This list will be displayed on the site via a link where buyers have the option to browse only ACCREDITED Sellers/ Vendors.

GOOGABOX will also at it's discretion award ACCREDITATION at the offset of membership if a Seller/ Vendor are already on sites such as AMAZON or EBAY with a rating of 95% positive on any of those sites. A Seller/ Vendor would need to show a 95% positive rating with 25+ products minimum sold to date. GOOGABOX will not monitor or consider any other site further once a Seller/ Vendor has joined GOOGABOX. Only performance on GOOGABOX will be considered from there on.

Note : Sellers/ Vendors may loose ACCREDITATION if ratings drop below the required 95%. In this case a Seller/ Vendor may apply again for ACCREDITATION once the rating has returned to 95%. A new request must then be submitted to GOOGABOX.

This way the standards of Sellers/ Vendors being ACCREDITED are constantly updated.

ACCREDITATION awarded and derogated is at the sole discretion of GOOGABOX.

At the same token GOOGABOX will always be fair in it's assessment of ACCREDITATION being awarded or denied.

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