Terms and Conditions

The following conditions applies to any and all entities, persons, Company's, Societies and Groups. It is advised that you fully read and understand these Terms & Conditions with a sober mind BEFORE applying for membership with Googabox.


1. All sellers MUST have a PAYPAL account to be a member. (Sellers do not have to use PAYPAL as payment gateway however must have a PAYPAL account nevertheless, it helps strengthen security for our buyers).

2. Buyers do NOT have to have a PAYPAL account to pay through PAYPAL with a major credit card, and is encouraged to use PAYPAL for added security and guarantee.

3. All members are encouraged to read all of the terms below:

Rights To Suspend or Terminate.   

You agree that Googabox, in its own discretion, may terminate any or all your listings including your membership immediately and without notice and without such decision challengeable in a lawful setting, if Googabox suspects or has a believe that:
(1) You are not abiding by Googabox general rules or any applicable National or International law.
(2) You have once or have repeatedly not adhered to any one rule of Googabox set forth in this agreement.
(3) You or any item you have listed is reasonably suspected of malicious conduct/ violation, or intention thereof. Such suspected determinations are in the sole discretion of Googabox proprietors. (You may dispute the decision by contacting us, however this does not obligate GOOGABOX to overturn it's decision)  

(4) Your Conduct.
You hereby as the "seller" admit to be solely responsible for the contents of your listings on Googabox and promise to ensure that your listings and conduct are properly within the rules of National and International laws as well as the rules of Googabox. You are responsible to ensure that your listings and purchases of items do not violate any applicable laws or regulations set forth by such laws, including but not limited to "false advertising" "misleading advertising" "fraud" "extortion", ill intended conduct. "Intended conduct" in the sense also qualifies when conduct was "negligent". You as the seller and buyer has a OBLIGATION of "proper conduct" at all times to fellow man and GOOGABOX. You must verify to yourself that you are entitled to sell or buy any particular item/s and that you are not prohibited from doing so by any laws or regulations, national or international.
Further, harassing, stalking, libelous, abusive, threatening, harmful, vulgar, obscene or otherwise objectionable material and/ or actions against any person/s, business, group or society including Googabox, is strictly prohibited and against the law. With that said Googabox can not be held responsible for your actions or any actions from other members or non-members against you. You are using this site KNOWING the possibility of the aforesaid may befall you and hereby hold Googabox BLAMELESS unconditionally for any unfortunateness that may or may not involve you personally. Googabox MUST be informed of any such conduct or suspicion thereof and Googabox, where obligated, will fully co-operate with law enforcement to arrest such conduct on the Googabox site. However in the event of Googabox failing to co-operate with law enforcement no entity shall be entitled to bring any civil suit against Googabox because thereof. You enter this site at your own discretion and by your own choice, knowing the risks. Googabox is part of the internet and is a site operated on the internet such as every other site on the internet, and is equally vulnerable to internet flaws and conduct such as other sites. Googabox does it's utmost to ensure safety and protection, however this can not be guaranteed by any site operating on the internet, including Googabox.

You are further prohibited to transmit any material, written or otherwise that could and/ or encourages or causes conduct that could constitute in "Copy write / Trademark" violations or any other criminal offense, that could give rise to civil liability or otherwise violate any applicable laws or regulations. Googabox is not obligated to "school" or "police" the public in Copy write/ Trademark law or any law for that matter and it's the responsibility of the user/ member to "school" themselves on these laws before commencing any particular conduct that may or may not violate these laws.

(5) FEES:

(a) Googabox has FEES in place for using the site to sell products. Googabox has financial obligations such as employee compensation, server costs, advertising costs, research costs, development costs, investors costs as well as an obligation to current and future stock holders. These costs are recouped by charging FEES on the Googabox platform for the USE of the Googabox platform. The operations by Googabox to provide a proper functioning platform at all times to you the member, allows you the member to use or rent store space from Googabox without the worries of maintenance and excessive costs.

(b) You may be required to pay upfront fees OR you may be allowed to have an account. Fees are in in the form of RENT of a Googabox store and/ or COMMISSION based as well as other fees which may apply. Accounts must be satisfied on a monthly basis. Overdue accounts may be suspended until the account is satisfied. Excessive overdue accounts may lead to a permanent suspension and collection of fees by measurement of lawful. Googabox may or may not agree to ARBITRATION of overdue accounts. Googabox has full discretion to allow renewal of accounts. Your account may be suspended indefinitely without notice due to overdue/ delinquent accounts. You will be responsible for all LEGAL fees incurred by Googabox due to attempts to collect fees owed by you. You may submit a written response to Googabox by e-mail explaining WHY you disagree with any actions taken by Googabox. Googabox at it's own discretion will determine it's action based upon your responses and / or claims.

(c) Googabox does not claim to be 100% correct all of the time and mistakes are made. In those instances we ask for understanding and patience to allow us to make proper determinations on issues between you and us. A resolve and to keep you as a member is the goal at all times. A healthy relationship with members is the strive of Googabox and our ultimate goal.

(6) General Terms.

(a) Googabox is merely a platform for sellers to sell products/ services and for buyers to bid and/ or purchase those products being sold. We are not involved in the actual transaction between buyers and sellers. As a result, we have no control over the quality, safety or legality of the items listed as presented in truth or accuracy. Googabox can not either vouch for the ability and honesty of sellers selling their products. The same as Googabox can not vouch that potential buyers are able or honest in their presentation of themselves to purchase items. We cannot guarantee that sellers will complete the sale of items they offer or that buyers will complete the purchases of items they have bid on/ purchased. Do take note that there are risks of dealing with the unacquainted , foreign nationals, underage persons or people possibly acting under fraudulent pretenses. Googabox has ARBITRATION in place to deal with any such issues.

b) NEVER do business with ANYONE outside the GOOGABOX site claiming themselves as a member of GOOGABOX. NEVER send monies to ANYONE via MONEYGRAM or WESTERN UNION or ANY such operations alike. GOOGABOX recommends PAYPAL and other compare-able ethical payment methods so ALWAYS exercise CAUTION when making payments to vendors if not using PAYPAL. If you are solicited outside of these perimeters notify GOOGABOX immediately so that we can eliminate any derogatory entities. While not obligated to do so, GOOGABOX will act at it's own discretion regarding ANY suspicious activity on the GOOGABOX site.

(c) Googabox shall not be responsible for any items sold or bought on it's platform, such as any damage to items during transit or during the inspection period, nor for misrepresentations and/or breaches of contract by either buyer and/or seller. Googabox shall not be responsible for the cost of procurement of substitute goods or any losses resulting form any goods purchased or bought through it's platform.
Googabox assumes no liability for the content of the listings.

(d) You can open a STORE within GOOGABOX.COM and be a store owner as well, selling anything you like, however there are articles/ services/ items NOT permitted to be sold on GOOGABOX, such as pornography/ animals/ prescription or illegal drugs of any kind or any UNLAWFUL items or information. "UNLAWFUL" within the meaning of NATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL LAW. If you purchase a specific item (for example) that is LEGAL to sell in the United States, but ILLEGAL to own in YOUR COUNTRY, the responsibility becomes yours. Also (for example) if you are selling a specific item which is illegal to sell in your country to a person in the United States where the item is legal to own, the responsibility remains yours. You YOURSELF have to school yourself on what you can and can not do via the internet. All countries have different laws, GOOGABOX can not be expected to school every country on their laws. GOOGABOX is operated out of the United States. Further, if you fall victim of a fraudulent transaction we urge you to notify us IMMEDIATLY so that we can assist you as much as we can and investigate any unfortunate situation.

Googabox welcomes you to contact us with any questions regarding these terms above or anything you are unclear about. You have the right to consult with an attorney to fully understand the contents of these terms before commencing using the Googabox platform.

If you have any questions/ concerns regarding our Terms & Conditions, do not hesitate to contact us before joining us.

We wish you prosperous transactions and healthy business relationships.
Thank You
The Googabox Gang!