FEES and COMMISIONS are necessary to cover operational cost. GOOGABOX has to pay employees, office rental, bills, and recoup monies that has been invested by investors. GOOGABOX will also have a duty to it's share holders to generate profits and excel company worth.  

GOOGABOX offers FREE STORES for Starters. This is done in order to grow the platform.

Join now and get any item selling for under one thousand dollars listed for *FREE as well as a FREE STARTER STORE for your products on the GOOGABOX platform!. You may also get exposure as GOOGABOX may use your products to advertise the platform. Early birds will also be advertised on the site free periodically. This is at the sole discretion of GOOGABOX. Commissions however ALWAYS apply...See "FEES SCHEDULE".

GOOGABOX, unlike Ebay, keeps fees simple so the member can understand it without confusion. We have NO hidden fees that will suddenly pop up to surprise you. Also unlike Craigs list that is mostly free, GOOGABOX offers a SAFE environment whereby users are VERIFIED by phone and compelled to use PAYPAL that enhances security against fraud and scamming. GOOGABOX also *guarantees you get your item or your monies will be refunded. Further, sellers and buyers are RATED so you can see how they perform in transaction satisfaction. 

1. Listing fees competitive to sites such as Ebay/ Amazon which may be a one time listing fee per item, see Listing Fees and or Commissions Fees when the product is sold.


2. Monthly Store Fee should you open a store other than a STARTER STORE.

GOOGABOX will not charge store rental fees to vendors selling less than $1000.00 per month in GROSS. In such cases only commissions will apply which would be 3% on the final sales price of the item.

Vendors will be notified of any fee changes. 

Open a store today on the GOOGABOX platform and start listing your items. Simply join for FREE and start selling unwanted items lying around in your basement or garage...

Placing your item normally, you should choose "BOTH" (if you have a store) to list the item in both your store and the site.

Links: Listings Fees

           Store Fees

Starter - Free, 25 listings, recurring every 180 days
Basic - $10.95, 50 listings, recurring every 30 days
Platinum - $14.95, 100 listings, recurring every 30 days
Platinum Plus - $24.95, 150 listings, recurring every 30 days, featured store
Super Seller - $95.95, 500 listings, recurring every 30 days, featured store
Super Seller Plus - $149.95, 3000 listings, recurring every 30 days, featured store

Happy selling!


*All above conditions are subject to change.