GOOGABOX is dedicated to give shoppers a peace of mind shopping experience.

Vendors are monitored, screened, and rated for honesty and excellent service. We highly recommend using PAYPAL, as your purchases are protected by PAYPAL as well should you use PAYPAL. In such case PAYPAL takes preference reimbursing you. Buyers, do remember, you do not need a PAYPAL account in order to pay through them, in which case you would use your Major Credit Card and will be protected that way. 

(All Sellers MUST open a PAYPAL or equivalent account and have it on their account with GOOGABOX!)

Today we have tracking of your parcel in place and we know exactly when and where it arrived at the address you provided, thus minimizing any unfortunate errors of delivery.

GOOGABOX! encourages you to also open a PAYPAL account to send/ receive monies as well as make purchases.

*Guarantee is for items that never arrived. Should an item show by mail tracking that indeed it HAS arrived at address supplied by buyer, your guarantee by your Credit Card Company or Paypal may not be eligible. Goods NOT received as described may be arbitrated by GOOGABOX! or a 3rd party. It is the buyers responsibility to receive item at supplied address as well as supply the seller with the correct address.

We do know that dishonesty is everywhere, and we take all precautions within our means to ensure that you can purchase with CONFIDENCE.

*Buyer protections may also not cover the following:

1. Item arrived but did not arrive at designated time specified by seller. (Rate the seller)

2. Item is not the item you purchased (Arbitration or Complaints  covers this/ rate the seller)

3. Buyer saw same item for less somewhere else.

4.Item was broken or unusable. (Arbitration or Complaints)

5.Seller refused to reimburse or adhere to sellers policies. (Arbitration or Complaints)

CAUTION: Never pay by "Western Union"  "MoneyGram" or anything equivalent. Also never WIRE monies or send cash or check by mail. Doing this may forfeit any Arbitration efforts. 

Should you dispute the vendor/ seller who sold you the item about the item itself, only  contact us  after all negotiation with the vendor/ seller has been exhausted by you. (see Arbitration that also covers Complaints) GOOGABOX will in it's own discretion take action if need be.

Happy Selling and buying!