Our Commitment To You


Sellers are equally as important of an asset to us as buyers are. When our sellers and vendors are successful, so are we, that's self spoken. GOOGABOX will go to extraordinary lengths to insure the success of our sellers and vendors. For instance, we will barter Advertising on the site to vendors willing to beat their own prices or those of others on other sites such as Ebay and Amazon. Our ultimate goal would be to make our sellers and vendors SUCCESSFUL. We will listen to your suggestions and ideas to make you more profitable. Our commitment to you will be unsurpassed.


You the buyer should have peace of mind when you purchase anything on our platform from any seller or vendor. We appreciate your hard earned dollars being spent on items here on GOOGABOX. Therefore, our appreciation must be evident. Unfortunately there are those who have bad faith intent and it is difficult to always recognize such intent from the offset. Peace of mind is our verification system as well as our prompt actions once a Complaint is filed. Once we establish bad faith intent we will take action. Our attitude is "a clean transaction platform, is detrimental to success". Our commitment to you will be evident.   

Happy Selling!