GOOGABOX offers a FREE store for starters. This is done in order to grow the platform. See FEES SCHEDULE HERE.

Join now and get items selling for under a thousand dollars listed for *FREE as well as a *FREE store for your products on the GOOGABOX platform using the "Starter Store". You may also get exposure as GOOGABOX may use your products to advertise the platform. Early birds will also be advertised on the site free periodically. This is at the sole discretion of GOOGABOX.

*FREE, is only applicable to LISTINGS FEES and STORE FEES. All  COMMISIONS still apply.

Only a max of 25 images may be placed per product/ item.

*FREE is designed to give members a test run of our software and to turn them into a permanent users and successful to where they can upgrade to paid stores listing more products.

For any questions regarding this page content please contact us.

Happy selling/ buying!