Complaints about vendors/ sellers and buyers are handled in one of two ways.

First, all parties should attempt their best to resolve the complaint between themselves.

Should no resolution suffice, Do one of the following:

1. Contact GOOGABOX outlining the complaint with the following info:

(a) Name and URL of member the complaint is about.

(b) Date of purchase. 

(c) Pictures of the item showing problems (if item was received).

(d) Outline the problem and resolution you expect..

(e) Submit all correspondence between you and the other party.

(Do keep I mind, the other party will have their own story, and GOOGABOX will consider all elements of the unfortunate situation)

If it is found a party has not played by the rules of conduct, such a party will be suspended indefinitely or for a period of time. In the event of criminal conduct authorities will be notified where possible. (see TERMS & CONDITIONS)