Advertising on our platform is different than merely "other suggested products" as you would see on many platforms. Our unique Advertising system is a much better addition. Vendors can be creative with those and even do GIF animations. It is a much better and sufficient way for Vendors to stick their heads out and attract buyers to their stores and products.  

Advertising costs on our platform depends on many factors. As far as SELLING products, we only allow GOOGABOX MEMBERS to advertise on the GOOGABOX PLATFORM as sellers, providing they have a STORE. Only those with a SERVICE are allowed as outside advertisers.

URL'S from ads on GOOGABOX are only allowed to point to the GOOGABX platform where your product is displayed. You may choose to advertise a product OR your store.  This is so in order of fairness to our members. Our members are valued by us and therefore competitors from other platforms are not allowed to advertise on our platform.

Ads such as general services for example Insurance Companies and Service Companies etc. ARE allowed to advertise on the site as long as they do not sell products in competition to our members. Should they sell products in conjunction with services they would be required to open a store on the GOOGABOX platform in order to Advertise on the platform

We will also provide FREE advertising with sellers owning stores, should they agree to beat their own prices and/ or prices of others on sites such as Ebay, Amazon, Walmart, Target, etc. We would have to have a written declaration/ agreement to such as well as corresponding URL's. Contact us for FREE ad services.

Please Note: We will not allow monopolizing of Advertising space so all Vendors could benefit from the feature.

From time to time we will also advertise hand picked vendors FOR FREE should we discover they are in need of exposure and committed price wise to be successful. Let us know when you struggle.

Members placing ads on our main page and other pages will drive traffic to their stores, therefore it makes sense to do this. All  Advertising is for STORE OWNERS ONLY and not for members without a GOOGABOX store.

Members may contact us to discuss advertising on the GOOGABOX AD BANNERS located throughout the site.

Happy Selling!