What does it cost to sell my products/ items on the GOOGABOX platform?

For at least 6 months the cost is *FREE and that includes store rental. (see fees and costs) Thereafter the rates are competitive to Ebay/ Amazon at that time. See FEES SCHEDULE

Can anyone use the GOOGABOX platform to sell products/ items?

Yes however we do require Vendors understand honesty and integrity is our number one concern when renting a store or using GOOGABOX. The public can also use the platform selling unwanted items on the GOOGABOX site as long as you adhere to GOOGABOX  Terms & Conditions

What tools/ advantages does GOOGABOX have to maximize my success?

GOOGABOX combines BIDDING with BUY NOW as well as MAKE OFFER. This in itself gives both the buyer AND seller more options to maximize the chances of creating a deal. Some sites do NOT offer all THREE these options combined. GOOGABOX also rents STORES for those wanting to make a living selling their products/ items. We also have a great feature called "anti-sniping" which is an option sellers/ vendors may use when listing an item. "Anti-sniping" stops a bid from being "stolen" in the last minute or seconds and adds on an additional 5 minutes to allow for a counter bid in case a bidder attempts to "steal" the bid. You are notified via email and smart phone alert of being outbid. We believe this option is far more desired by sellers and buyers alike. See ANTI-SNIPING

GOOGABOX is also a MULTI-VENDOR, MULTI-PRODUCT platform meaning more diversity in traffic. Buyers may visit GOOGABOX to purchase a specific item however will see many other items that causes impulse buying. GOOGABOX is not just a one brand Vendor or product site but qualifies as a "ONE STOP SHOPPING MALL". Member "ratings" are also in place to ensure both buyers and vendors do their utmost to provide a good service and product. DISCOUNT COUPONS are also available for Vendors to use to maximize sales. Vendors are provided with their own unique URL they can use to promote their store, such as when emailing clients or soliciting clients. GOOGABOX makes available ON SITE ADS  that vendors can utilize. GOOGABOX will also be promoted and marketed sufficiently to create traffic and create exposure. Your success is important to us because it insures OUR success. Therefore we will do everything possible to help you succeed.

Happy Selling!