Ever felt FRUSTRATED when a bidder outbids you in the last minute or seconds? This can be especially depressing when you have bid on an item for days, really could bid more but were outbid in the last minute and sometimes as little as 5 seconds, not allowing you to place another bid. Well here at GOOGABOX we understand this frustration and have a feature called "Anti-Sniping". This feature allows for an additional 5 minutes to a bid when a bidder attempts to "steal" the bid by bidding in the last minute or less. Often bidders will deliberately wait for the last 5 seconds to outbid someone, not allowing them time to respond with a counter bid. We call this "sniping". You will be notified by email as well as text on your cell phone, that you have been outbid and an additional 5 minutes is given in order for you to counter bid. The Anti-Sniping feature is very much appreciated by ALL bidders so you can bid knowing you will always have sufficient time to counter bid. Bid with confidence that hours or even days of your bidding time will not be jeopardized by a "sniper".

The "anti-sniping" feature is decided by every seller/ vendor when placing a product. They can DISABLE it by clicking a box or leave it unclicked to be ABLED. We find that bidders and sellers alike actually prefer "anti-sniping" as it also increases the sellers price when a bidder is allowed another 5 minutes to counter bid to a last minute "sniper". However should a seller not want the "anti-sniping" feature they simply click a box to DESELECTED it when placing a product.

Happy Bidding!