Excellence Badges

Sellers/ Vendors can request EXCELLENCE BADGES once they believe they deserve one with a rating of 95% positive OR when a Vendor can show they have such rating on sites such as Ebay/ Amazon. NOTE: Excellence Badges may be forfeited when poor ratings occur on the GOOGABOX site.

Excellence Badges receive more TRUST from buyers.

When a Seller/ Vendor has reached 25 sales with a 95% positive rating the Seller/ Vendor can simply put in a request to GOOGABOX for an EXCELLENCE BADGE. GOOGABOX will take the request in consideration and after GOOGABOX has established satisfactorily that  it's justified, an Excellence badge will be awarded.

Excellence Badges are awarded and derogated is at the sole discretion of GOOGABOX.

At the same token GOOGABOX will always be fair in it's assessment of Excellence Badges being awarded or denied.

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